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Solving a connection between MS Access and Python on Windows 7

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On a previous post I wrote a little example of how to connect to a MS Access database using #Python, but when testing on #Windows7, I got a nice and unexpected error: the provider is not installed. One of the possible reason of this error is the mess of having Windows 7 64 bits, also the 32 bits version of MS Office 2007, and Anaconda 64 bits, and … of course, a mess also for Microsoft Windows, and … an error raised! Downloading the drivers The reason of the error…read more

Linking MySQL-MariaDB under MS Access

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Today’s entrance pretend to give you two good recommendations, after a whole morning busy trying to solve a simple cuestion. The objective is linking a table that lives on a MySQL o MariaDB server on Microsoft Access, using ODBC (using MS Access as a MySQL front-end). This simple task, can be too dramatic if you don’t follow this recommendations: Don’t use special characters (acents, white space, ….) Don’t like too large names (max 18 characters!!) If I knew this before, I’d save a good time! So, let’s reproduce the error!…read more

Solution to MySQL Error 1146: tables needed on “mysql” database

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A friend of mine asked my for some help to install MySQL, so, I sent him the MySQL 5.7.2 installer, the same file I tried to install with no success, as I already talk on this blog here and here (both in spanish, and in a few weeks it will be in english). Again, error 1053 A few minutes after providing the file, my friend called me to tell me that he has error 1053, when trying to start the MySQL server (on Windows XP). Due to this situation, the…read more

Error installing new Python packages on Windows 7

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In a previous post I write aboput how easy to install new Python modules and packages under Windows, but some times, on Windows, this task may be not as simple and easy as you can imagine (last post was writen using Windows XP but this one). As we did before, let’s install NumPy on Windows 7, using “pip” and “easy_install“, but I got errors with both. As you can imagine, things are not going the way it should, and i need to investigate how to solve the  vcvarsall.bat error. I…read more