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Introduction to Big Data, course by Microsoft

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It’s been a long time since I’ve taken courses, but with the advent of the New Year, I’ve ventured to follow the Microsoft Big Data Introduction course, offered from EdX (the platform chosen by Microsoft for its courses). The course is no longer available, but I will summarize what I have learned and what it has served me well. Data Throughout the life of this blog, there has been talk on many occasions about BigData, what it is, the actors, and I have even detailed the content of some course…read more

Learn TypeScript

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As all of you must know, TypeScript is my favorite option for developing for the web, for several reasons, but the main one is that TypeScript adds rules that Javascript doesn’t have, so it makes me feel confident with it. Learn TypeScript For that reason, I would like to encourage you to follow the free course at, because it is the perfect one for starting with TypeScript. The course is for beginners, from 0, and at the beginning you’ll learn the basic ot TypeScript, and how to use types,…read more

Courses starting March and April

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Today I will write about courses starting in the next days or weeks that can be interested for you! If you have solid bases of MongoDB, you can join the course M202 MongoDB Advanced Deployment and Operations, starting on 29th April. If your intentios is to improve your knowledge about #BigData, you can join this presencial course in Madrid: , . It’s not free, but the price worths it for 16 hours. The company offers more courses you can see here. If you would like to learn Django, you can…read more


Moving from MySQL 5.5 to 5.6. Step 4: Starting with MySQL 5.6.10

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On previous post, I already wrote about how to create a database backup, how to unistall a MySQL version, ad how to install a new MySQL version, in this case, MySQL 5.6.10. If you are new to MySQL, you can think … “Well,  I have installed MySQL server, now .. what can I do?“. Starting MySQL Alghouth you won’t belive me, that’s the question I made myself the first time I installed MySQL server. Next is valid for all MySQL versions. If you go to Start / Programs / MySQL…read more

Learning Objective C at Code School

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Today I would like you to introduce you a new website dedicated to courses. I haven’t done any yet, but …. it’s another option. The web is Code School,, and the courses you can choose are Javascript, jQuery … and even Objective C. Opposite to CodeAcademy, some courses are not free, you must pay, but there are several free interesting courses, so I encourage you to have a look, and if you’re interested, sign in, and of course, write me a comment with your experience! Learning Objective C I…read more