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Angular 2.0 is here

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Perhaps it is one of the great frameworks that I have not tried much, but I’m on the trail. For months now I spoke of the version of the web according to Google, and it was AngularJS. AngularJS, consolidated project Although several years ago that the project is underway, we can say that is more than consolidated, and the commitment of many web developers by AngularJS proves it. For several weeks, it is available version 2.0 of the popular framework, and comes with many new features: Mobile The bet by…read more


Privacy: everyone wants to know its users

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When you’ll finish of reading this entrance, and why your data (generated when using computers, tablets, smartphones, …) matters to lots of companies. Maybe you have thought: I am a user with no wierd actions, but why my data are important if I am not of interest of anyone? This thought is not only yours, although this is a normal thought of everybody I talk when the conversation is related to privacy, and the truth is that there exists several companies that are delighted of meeting people’s data, no matter…read more

Google, the guardian of data

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Speaking of Google is talking about “company who makes the rules of the Internet.” Not because it is its mission, but because it is the one who decides what is known and what is not. Until this state, the giant Google has built his “legend” based on the data storage, further analysis and its value. For writting this entrance, I have seen the vast majority of YouTube videos about Google, the beginnings, how Google works, philosophy, …. but the truth is that what feeds Google is data. The begining of…read more

Data generated by you doesn’t belong to you!

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Maybe the title of this entrance can sound wierd, but this is what happend in the real world of Internet. The data which you feed several webs you like, or social networks, … doesn’t belong to you (the property of that data is not yours), although this data has been generated by you. OK, I repeat again: data generated by you doesn’t belong to you. Of course, if you are a user of a social network o an internet company that offer services for free is because the services offered…read more

Google App Engine Architecture

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Today’s entrance is about Google App Engine architecture (#GAE). Mainly, this entrance is theory, no code. If you remember, on the entrance related to Google Code Lab I defined what is GAE: Google App Engine is a platform as a service cloud computing platform for developing and hosting web applications in Google-managed data centers. Applications are sandboxed and run across multiple servers. App Engine offers automatic scaling for web applications as the number of requests increases for an application, App Engine automatically allocates more resources for the web application to…read more