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Windows 10, it seem the best, but it is not

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I have tried in deep Windows 10, and … I am dissapointed. The new operating system has been sold as the best ever created by Microsoft, but I have the impression that it is not, and here you can read my experience with it, where you can see that I have invested too much hours. If you are installing Windows 10, do not be in a harry, because it takes time (too much)! I few months ago, in a new laptop, I had a brilliant idea: reset it to default,…read more

Preparing the field for TypeScript programming, by Microsoft

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I am stating a new course about TypeScript programming language, and I am feeling that I’m enjoying with Javascript, maybe becuase my skills improve. In today’s entrance, let’s read about what’s TypeScript and how to start with CATS, an IDE for TypeScript (also, it’s portable, a feature I like a lot!). Let’s start! What is TypeScript TypeScript is a programming language for developing large web applications. It’s not about hundreds of lines but thousands, and once you get to that dimensions, TypeScript can help you to skip this inconvinience, because…read more

Let’s try MariaDB

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I should have written this entrance before, because the original in spanish was published on September 2013, one year ago! After installing MySQL and all the entrance related to MySQL upgrading versions, here for 5.6 and here for 5.7, I must try MariaDB. Let’s try MariaDB 10 It has been on alpha state (in developing mode) for a long time, but now you can download it and give it a try. And, as you can see, the installation process is quickly, clean, and easy. I am using a vistual machine…read more

Updating to Anaconda 2.0

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If you follow this blog, I already wrote about how to update Anaconda, and now it’s time to do it again because since a few days ago there is a new version of Anaconda. The version 2 comes with great news, spacially because they have removed heavy packages (and not the most used) from the installer, although they are in the repositories. So, the good news is a reduction in the installer, and lots of updates! A second good news is the hability to work with Python 3.4 (if you…read more

Firefox OS Packaged apps. Chronometer

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On a previous entrance I explained with full details how to program a chronometer for Firefox OS, by using manifest.webapp, a file needed for installing Hosted App. Hosted App on Google Drive On the course where I learnt all this, I needed to upload my exercises to Google Drive, so, I modify the manifest.webapp file like this: As you can see, the launch_path include subdirectories (of Google Drive), needed to acces to the app. Also, you can review how the icons are on relative paths. Here you have the link…read more