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From Ubuntu to Lubuntu

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after a few months without using Linux, I have a proposal for giving a new life to an old laptop (about 10 years or so). Although I tried to install Ubuntu, there were things I really didn’t like nor convince me, and the performance seemed not so good. So, I asked several experts about what distro to try under this conditions: Lubuntu is the anser! Ubuntu The main fact for changing from Ubuntu to Lubuntu is based on my own sensations … such as, this machine can performance better, or…read more

Atom, the text editor for the 21st century

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A new entrance related to development tools, and today’s entrance it is turn for a rival of  Brackets, called Atom, a hackeable text editor for the 21 century. this text editor is been developed by GitHub, and i guess they know about coding, so, I have been using it for some time, with good opinion about it. Another important aspect is that Atom is available for all platforms, so that yo have no excuses to use it no matter what operating systems you are using: Windows, Linux or Mac. And…read more

Creating a USB with a Linux distribution

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Sooner or later, I must try Linux, … and I did it, after several times, and after solving several issues! What it really push me to try Linux was a cool course I’m following offered by Linux Fundation called Introduction to Linux, but I also must blame Microsoft, because it was careless with its users, and more and more people are migrating from Windows to Linux (at least, some of my friends and colleges are migrating, and they are only normal users, not many developers). Linux Distros There are a…read more

Microsoft, to conquest users and developers

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A new entrance focued on Microsoft, and for this occasion, I am proud to write about good news after the last decisions: Windows 10 will be replacing Windows 8 (they skipped number 9!). Characteristics of Operating Systems When i have conversations with friends and mates about operating systems, almost all of them end up criticizing Windows, but almost all of them use Windows. I always ask the same: What does a Linux user want? The console, of course! What does a Mac user want? A nice and perfect OS And…read more

I hate Connection strings

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I have already write here about how I am enjoying with Python, although I still have a lot of things to learn. Now I am starting to program scripts to work with databases and … I have to face my first serious problem:  dealing with Microsoft Access databases with Python. On this blog I have write about installing new Python modules in several ways, and with examples. One of them was installing mysql-db to work with MySQL databases. Other useful package is sqlite3 to work with SQLite databases, and so…read more