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Introduction to Big Data, course by Microsoft

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It’s been a long time since I’ve taken courses, but with the advent of the New Year, I’ve ventured to follow the Microsoft Big Data Introduction course, offered from EdX (the platform chosen by Microsoft for its courses). The course is no longer available, but I will summarize what I have learned and what it has served me well. Data Throughout the life of this blog, there has been talk on many occasions about BigData, what it is, the actors, and I have even detailed the content of some course…read more

A reflection related to TypeScript

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Today it’s a little reflection on TypeScript, a language that is allowing me to see Javascript with other eyes, that makes you the easiest to write code, and above all, that has classes, and resemble those of Python. But above all, it is essential to use typescript IDE. IDEs for typescript On the road traveled so far with this language, I had to balance work with Visual Studio or do it with another editor. For now, I’m trying to CATS, but I have also installed Visual Studio after 2 hours…read more

Angular 2.0 is here

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Perhaps it is one of the great frameworks that I have not tried much, but I’m on the trail. For months now I spoke of the version of the web according to Google, and it was AngularJS. AngularJS, consolidated project Although several years ago that the project is underway, we can say that is more than consolidated, and the commitment of many web developers by AngularJS proves it. For several weeks, it is available version 2.0 of the popular framework, and comes with many new features: Mobile The bet by…read more


Preparing the field for TypeScript programming, by Microsoft

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I am stating a new course about TypeScript programming language, and I am feeling that I’m enjoying with Javascript, maybe becuase my skills improve. In today’s entrance, let’s read about what’s TypeScript and how to start with CATS, an IDE for TypeScript (also, it’s portable, a feature I like a lot!). Let’s start! What is TypeScript TypeScript is a programming language for developing large web applications. It’s not about hundreds of lines but thousands, and once you get to that dimensions, TypeScript can help you to skip this inconvinience, because…read more

Microsoft, to conquest users and developers

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A new entrance focued on Microsoft, and for this occasion, I am proud to write about good news after the last decisions: Windows 10 will be replacing Windows 8 (they skipped number 9!). Characteristics of Operating Systems When i have conversations with friends and mates about operating systems, almost all of them end up criticizing Windows, but almost all of them use Windows. I always ask the same: What does a Linux user want? The console, of course! What does a Mac user want? A nice and perfect OS And…read more