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Connect to MS Access with Python

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Since I started to program with #Python, one of the first objectives I have is to stop using MS Access. But, until them, I must work with it. Although I am surprised for the huge amount of modules and packages of Python, no one seems to fit with MS Access, and the few that I found doesn’t seem easy …. at first. So, let’s go! I found a class on ActiveState ( to connect to MS Access, by using Python for Windows Extension, but although it’s very powerful, you need…read more

Moving from MySQL 5.5 to 5.6. Step 4: Starting with MySQL 5.6.10

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On previous post, I already wrote about how to create a database backup, how to unistall a MySQL version, ad how to install a new MySQL version, in this case, MySQL 5.6.10. If you are new to MySQL, you can think … “Well,  I have installed MySQL server, now .. what can I do?“. Starting MySQL Alghouth you won’t belive me, that’s the question I made myself the first time I installed MySQL server. Next is valid for all MySQL versions. If you go to Start / Programs / MySQL…read more

Extract HTML code from URL in Python and C#

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In this post, I am going to code a small Python exercise of extracting the HTML code from a URL. You can find the Python on GitHub. Python code We need the packages urllib2: The result from this code is the HTML code from the URL: With this easy and short code I end up my objective: get the HTML code of a website. If you want to extract information, you will need new packages, but I explain it in a future post. Now, coding on C# I am going…read more

Stored Procedure Templates for MySQL-MariaDB

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the more I program for MySQL – MariaDB, the more I need templates. That’s my truth, because I am learning tips and tricks I want to add to my code. This way I can accelerate the development process, being even more proffesional! Today I show you the stored procedures templates I am using: CREATE PROCEDURE `Plantilla_SP`() LANGUAGE SQL NOT DETERMINISTIC CONTAINS SQL SQL SECURITY DEFINER COMMENT ” BEGIN # Versión 1.0.0 – 20131018 DECLARE Num INT DEFAULT 0; # Valores iniciales SET @message := ”; — Mensaje SET @sep := ‘\n’;…read more

Install common_schema on MySQL – MariaDB

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September 2013 has been the #MySQL month on, and I have talked about install, uninstall, backups, configuration files, fixing error 1067, … If you don’t remember, at the beginning of this blog I wrote about DBA frameworks for MySQL (also for #MariaDB). Today I write about how to install it. Install Commom schema Common schema is an utility framework for DBA and programmers for MySQL and MariaDB, created by Shlomi Noach. Now I will start a few post showing you what you can do with common_schema, but first, let’s…read more