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PyScripter, an IDE for Python

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I am programming Python for a few month now, and one of the first things I did when I started was to find a good Integrated Development Environment, IDE. I tried several of them, since the IDLE included with Python installation to a more sophisticated ones. Today it’s time to write about PyScripter, by now, the IDE where I code Python. A project supported by Google When I started playing with Python, I realice there are a much of options for Python development that you can find here: I…read more

Smoke.Js for showing alerts and messages

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Today, i am going to show you a Javascript library I use a lot, and it’s very easy to use. It’s smoke.js, and i use it for showing alerts, confirms and for asking data to the user, including a personalize style! You can try here, on the website After including the reference to the library smoke.js, we have 4 choices: Alerts In Javascript, to “send” an alert we write “alert(‘text’); With this library, we write: smoke.alert(‘text’); Show an alert for X seconds Instead os waiting to the user to…read more


Twitter Bootstrap, an introduction

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Twitter bootstrap is a CSS framework, develop by Twitter, ready to do a lot of cool things, and I’ll try to show you in a few post. Companies like Twitter, Facebook or Google have “alternatives” projects that one should study in deep, specially if you’re a developer. Starting You have to visit to download Twitter Bootstrap,. Now we have the zip file which contains 2 directories: css, y js, so, we create a dir to include these two sub dirs. I am using a very simple template for using…read more