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Learn TypeScript

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As all of you must know, TypeScript is my favorite option for developing for the web, for several reasons, but the main one is that TypeScript adds rules that Javascript doesn’t have, so it makes me feel confident with it. Learn TypeScript For that reason, I would like to encourage you to follow the free course at, because it is the perfect one for starting with TypeScript. The course is for beginners, from 0, and at the beginning you’ll learn the basic ot TypeScript, and how to use types,…read more

Data generated by you doesn’t belong to you!

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Maybe the title of this entrance can sound wierd, but this is what happend in the real world of Internet. The data which you feed several webs you like, or social networks, … doesn’t belong to you (the property of that data is not yours), although this data has been generated by you. OK, I repeat again: data generated by you doesn’t belong to you. Of course, if you are a user of a social network o an internet company that offer services for free is because the services offered…read more

More #BigData examples

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It’s time to new #BigData applications. How Big Data is used by the London’s Tube The first story is related to the London underground (you can read more here, and also in spanish: The main objective when applying #Big Data is to imrpove the knowledge related to tube’s users, trying to offering the a better and more personalize information. Everything starts when a new user is registered on their website and he/she introduces his(her email. If this data is also geolocated, clients will receive information only related to where…read more

Data analysis. The taxi sector

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Recently, I had the chance to have a conversation with a taxi driver from Madrid, and he compleined how new technologies where damaging business, the taxi sector loss clients, …  after he finished, I asked him  … but … do you use #BigData that can help you when taking decisions? A clear answer: no. Next question was … ¿does the taxi sector save their data, position, times, ….? Anwer: no. After my questions, he asked eme: saving and analysing data can benefit us? Saving data The main objective should be:…read more

My reflexions 2014

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Agost is the month of vacations, and with this entrance I will resume some of the reflexions I have had during this year. The first topic is reflexions. This topics are only in spanish. After watching a TV program where a passpost is bought, I wrote (the power of querying a database, El poder de las consultas a las bases de datos). I wrote also about infinity spanish burocracy (burocracia infinita and a secnod part, burocracia infinita) after . que suponen dar de alta un nuevo ciudadano español, tras la…read more