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Export large datasets with MySQL

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Today’s entrance is dedicated to export large datasets, that is, when the outcome of a SQL query is too large with millons of rows. I will be using a database with data from a fotovoltaic installation. Data is stores in a data table, and I want to extract a selection of parameters. The following SQL sentence will query data every 5 minutes of a few parameters: Execute the query, and I got the result. In some cases,when the recordset is too large, to can notice that the connection will be…read more

Solution to Error 1067 Can’t start the server on MySQL

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As I already wrote here, a week later after reporting this bug (because I change the datadir property on the config file my.ini) I didn’t have a solution for error 1067 Can’t Start service on MySQL 5.6.10. Now, you can read how I solve it!! How the error 1067 araise If you would like to raise the error, jsut install a MySQL 5.6.10 server, and modify the path where data is saved on the config file. Easy!! Trying in a new machine A pesar del error, uno siempre piensa que…read more

MySQL-MariaDB Registry files

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One feature from MySQL (also from MariaDB) very useful for DBA is registry files, that stores everything of what is happening on the server. You have several alternatives. By default, all registry files are located on the data dir, although you can force to save it to a different path (you must do this using the config file of the server my.ini). Error registry It saves all information related to when the server starts up and stops using mysqld and also, if any critical error was raised while running. This…read more

DBA tools: MySQL WorkBench

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MySQL WorkBench is the open alternative from #MySQL for the DataBase Administrator, DBA, and also for the non-DBA that need to work directly with databases. A few months ago ORACLE published the 6.0 beta version of this tool, with new features and improvements (previuos version was 5.2), and right now you can download version 6.1. The main window is designed to show the user several database connection, model (in the las image, there is no models). The right zone is prepared to link to several resources like blogs, forums, scripting…read more

Moving from MySQL 5.5 to MySQL 5.6. Step 6. My first bug report

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After a few entrances talking about how to move from #MySQL 5.x to versión MySQL 5.6 (what I write is also valid for MySQL 5.7 although you need to know that MySQL 5.7 doesn’t work under Windows XP), I am going to tell you two reflections: The acquisition of MySQL database from ORACLE has been an important step in order to improve MySQL, specially under the Windows OS, thanks to MySQL Installer. However, I am surprised because, after the success of MySQL during a lot of years, the error message…read more