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Zealdocs, offline documentation for your favorite languages

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With this situation where I am locked up at home due to #Coronavirus, one spends more time than usual on the mobile phone and on social networks. And today, thanks to a group of Telegrams, I have discovered , a website where you can download offline documentation for up to 196 programming languages. You can contribute to this blog be making a small donation. And it all came about because in just a few days, from being freely on the streets, we were locked up. And it’s going to…read more

Visual Studio Code: essential editor

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From time to time, it is good not to accommodate what you know and you have to leave the comfort zone. This is my case with text editors, who have always worked a lot with Notepad ++, but for certain things, I found it insufficient. Atom was a good test, especially since lately I have been developing with TypeScript 2.x, and CATS 2.x in my day to day. It doesn’t work very well on Windows 7. And now, I venture to know if Visual Studio Code does I have to…read more

My configuration for

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This is not the first time I write about text editors, but a few months ago I started to used and I also try both in Windows and Linux and I am satisfied with it (I also tried Brackets (in spanish)). Today I want to share with my readers the configuration I have for Atom, the plugins I use, and to end with, I wrote a script with everything I use that I’ve been updating during this time: just run and have fun!! is not a new editor,…read more

Making Javascript more complex with Gulp.js

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I have enough trying to learn TypeScript and now that I can manage myself quite well, I go to a new level by stating to use Gulp.js, a software community implemented using Node.js with several plugins, in order to automating tasks with Javascript. Gulp.js gulp is a Javascript library written for Javascript developers, a toolkit for automating painful or time-consuming tasks in your development workflow, so you can stop messing around and build something. Now that I am developing with TypeScript, it is convinient to use it for the conversion,…read more

Codelobster PHP Edition

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The other day, I found a new IDE for working with PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript editor that I would like you to try: Codelobster PHP edition. Although it is focus on PHP, I decided to give it a try for working with HTML, CSS and Javascript (everybody knows I prefer TypeScript, and I hope that after this review, Codelobster encaurage to create a TypeScript plugin!!). Codelobster PHP Edition For valuable work on creation of sites you need a good comfortable editor necessarily. There are many requiring paid products for this…read more