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Introduction to Big Data, course by Microsoft

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It’s been a long time since I’ve taken courses, but with the advent of the New Year, I’ve ventured to follow the Microsoft Big Data Introduction course, offered from EdX (the platform chosen by Microsoft for its courses). The course is no longer available, but I will summarize what I have learned and what it has served me well. Data Throughout the life of this blog, there has been talk on many occasions about BigData, what it is, the actors, and I have even detailed the content of some course…read more

ES6: A few basic tricks

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It is true that Javascript is not my favorite language, but it does not mean that it should not be aware of it, although everything that is valid for Javascript is also valid for TypeScript. Today I’d like to comment on a few basic tricks that will make you take advantage of all the resources better than ES6 (and in future versions)! Template Strings One of the things I like most about Python is the way to create expressions of strings, you don’t need to be chaining things, like that:…read more

First contact with ReactJS

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In a past entrance, I wrote about a ReactJS talk I went, and now, it is time to put some code on what I learnt there. A second step After a initial code, the best thing you can do is to order your files, and not to mix Javascript with HTML or CSS. The Javascript code will be extract into a jsx file, but the way of using this file is by especifying the type=”text/jsx”. You’ll get the same result. The next step Next step, step 3, is writting a…read more

Export your data from Endomondo

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I started to run for more than two years now, once or twice a week, and although at the beginning I didn’t use any app for register my activities, I began to do ir with Endomondo app, the app that I like the most for that, and specially for their statistics. Now I don’t use it for registering my activity because I am now using a GPS watch. Although Endomondo is a great app, maybe you are interested in collecting your data. I remark your data because you should verify…read more

Making Javascript more complex with Gulp.js

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I have enough trying to learn TypeScript and now that I can manage myself quite well, I go to a new level by stating to use Gulp.js, a software community implemented using Node.js with several plugins, in order to automating tasks with Javascript. Gulp.js gulp is a Javascript library written for Javascript developers, a toolkit for automating painful or time-consuming tasks in your development workflow, so you can stop messing around and build something. Now that I am developing with TypeScript, it is convinient to use it for the conversion,…read more