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Last Microsoft movements

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It had been several times where I have criticized the direct impact of Microsoft‘s decisions (and movements) affecting their customers. First, I complained of almost killing Visual Basic 6, and bet on the .NET environment. Something similar happened to Classic ASP. Developers were forced to take decisions, and so did I. My decision, at first, was to try C#, but after a while I move to Python, a language I like more and more, and I am starting to feel really confortable writting event visual GUI apps. Microsoft and Firefox…read more

VBA is still alive

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A few weeks ago, I was reading my timeline on LinkedIn, and I was “surprised” because it seemd that VBA is still alive. The link to the news is here: I was tremendously surprised because VBA is the default language on SAS, but … why not? As the article says, Microsoft Excel is still the most tool used in many offices, and so, VBA is needed for automatizing task! So, congratulations to SAS for its decision!!


Microsoft deja tocado de muerte a VBA

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Hace unos cuantos dias, cambié a la última versión de ArcGIS (software para la creación de mapas, de ESRI), esto es, la 10.0, y de pronto comprendí que iban a cambiar muchas cosas a nivel laboral. Al cargar varias de las librerias con las que siempre trabajo, hubo alguna que parecía no comportarse como debiera. Y es que, parece ser que Microsoft desde hace tiempo ya no da licencias para VBA. Ahora echo a perder muchas horas invertidas en un montón de herramientas para VBA que me han salvado la…read more


Microsoft leaves VBA bleeding to death

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A few days ago, I updated ArcGIS (software for creating maps, by ESRI) from version 9.3 to version 10.0. At first glance, a few improvements decided encourage me to do it, but one of the I wasn’t care: VBA was removed as a programming language. I realice it because I couln’d load all libraries I used to work with. After a litle Internet searching, I read that Microsoft has stopped selling VBA licences. What can I do now? I spent a lot of hours learning and programming VBA tools under…read more


From VB6 to Python

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Some times, life “force you” to learn thing whether you like it or not, and that’s my history of how I started programming with VB6, until I finish with Python, a languaje that always call my atention, bue i must admit that … Moving from Visual Basic 6 to Python is not immediate! How i met Python Since I started to work, I knew it I end up doing some programming stuff, and working with databases. In 2002 i met Python’s existence, but those years Java was the “cool” programming…read more