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Microsoft, to conquest users and developers

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A new entrance focued on Microsoft, and for this occasion, I am proud to write about good news after the last decisions: Windows 10 will be replacing Windows 8 (they skipped number 9!). Characteristics of Operating Systems When i have conversations with friends and mates about operating systems, almost all of them end up criticizing Windows, but almost all of them use Windows. I always ask the same: What does a Linux user want? The console, of course! What does a Mac user want? A nice and perfect OS And…read more

Solving a connection between MS Access and Python on Windows 7

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On a previous post I wrote a little example of how to connect to a MS Access database using #Python, but when testing on #Windows7, I got a nice and unexpected error: the provider is not installed. One of the possible reason of this error is the mess of having Windows 7 64 bits, also the 32 bits version of MS Office 2007, and Anaconda 64 bits, and … of course, a mess also for Microsoft Windows, and … an error raised! Downloading the drivers The reason of the error…read more

Windows 7, the ephemeral

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Again, I have to write about Microsoft (Sigue el rodillo, Microsoft abandonará Windows 7 a su suerte el año que viene), and again, … the same action: end of support for Windows 7. A few days ago, I wrote about Last Microsoft movements, and the story repeat one more time! Windows 7 support is close to end. You can read it here, on Microsoft’s website (, since 13 January 2015, the main support ends, and only securyty updates will be available, until 2020.. A few months ago finished the Windows…read more

I hate Connection strings

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I have already write here about how I am enjoying with Python, although I still have a lot of things to learn. Now I am starting to program scripts to work with databases and … I have to face my first serious problem:  dealing with Microsoft Access databases with Python. On this blog I have write about installing new Python modules in several ways, and with examples. One of them was installing mysql-db to work with MySQL databases. Other useful package is sqlite3 to work with SQLite databases, and so…read more

First contact with MongoDB

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Although I use to work with relational databases, now it’s time to try NoSQL databases. I have though about it, and the chosen one is MongoDB. The first step is download MongoDB from the official website: First it calls my attentios is  … you need the computer or server udated … , especially if you are a Windows user, and also you can read that Windows XP is not supported. You can use it, but as a slave or for experiment (our case). I will use Windows 7 Home edition….read more