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Who I am

My name is David Trillo, and I am agriculture engineer, but since my first days working, I have been connected to data. First, it was creating maps with Geographical Information Sistems GIS, and later, I started to work with databases and software development!

Although I studied engineering, I have always been interested in programming. In my beginnings, I learnt Visual Basic 6 and VBA, later I was forced to move to C#, and now, I have abandoned the Microsoft way to embrace the Python world, and I like it because of all packages ready to deal with data, connect to databases, visualization, webscrapping, ….

I also leant HTML, Javascript and a bit of CSS, all mixed with Classic ASP as a server language. Of course, always dealing with databases: first with Microsoft Access, and now with MySQL and MariaDB. since a few months ago, I am learing different database alternatives, such as the popular SQLite.

All the technologies named before are the base of this blog, and I hope to be helpful fro you. Also, you can write me an email telling me what you like!

Related to hobbies, I have several, but I play tennis, padel and running, and quinielas (spanish soccer betting). I also enjoy with slot (scalextric cars), but in the competition way. Of course, stay with my family, play with my daughters and drinking a good beer!

Thank you for reading me, and welcome to this blog!

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