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The purpose of this blog

Manejando datos

Manejando datos

First of all, thank you for reading this blog I hope the contents of your interest and I am waiting for your feedback with comments, cuestions or suggestions.

This blog is dedicated to those persons who want to start with software development and databases, or with some experience but need to go further to improve their knowledge.

The mayority of the entrances of the blog are based on my own experience, in the way I have solved problems, tutorials I have followed, …. I have learnt a lot from others, and I would like to help you.

That’s the purpose of, to give a hand to new programmers, developers and future DBA.

What can you find here?

If you like litereature, there are a bunch of entrances about #Big Data, or writting abput how I quit using Microsoft technology, and move to Open Source and freeware. I have written also about how databases can arise iligal problems using queries on Administration databases (in spanish, el poder de las consultas en las bases de datos). Or even how databases are used for burocratic tasks in Spain (also in spanish, burocrácia infinita).

If you are starting with Python (my case, a few years ago), you have available several entrance that teach you how to install Python 2 and 3, install new modules and packages, or how to do WebScrapping, a technique for retrieve data from HTML pages. Of course, the most visited entrance is desencript the WhatsApp database, a veri popular meesagge app.

I have entrance with examples of VBA for Excel, and even book revisions related to the blog, like Python for secret agents, jQuery UI, …

Programming for the web is a topic I don’t like very much, but you can find several entrances related to PureCSS or Twitter Bootstrap, two frameworks very nice that make easy what it’s difficult (at least, for me).

Another important topic is MySQL-MariaDB databases, where I wrote about install, unistall, update, solving 1067 errors, creating backup, check the systems, install DBA frameworks, …

So, welcome to

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